Navcore TomTom one xl / GO v9.530 Download Free

This is NOT the latest version of Tomtom`s Navcore but newer versions are impossible to crack because Microsoft SUED TomTom for using some of their technology on Linux devices, and TomTom had to change their FileSystem techonology, and this is also the reason that TomTom does not run on WinCE devices.

So, this is the latest Navcore TomTom one you will ever find.

Before you install the new software, connect your tomtom device to your computer and make a copy of all it`s memory to your computer, just to make sure tat nothing can go wrong

First, download and install the latest version of TomTom home from HERE

– OpenTomTom Home. If it asks you to use the memory card, use it

– Click on Update My device to get the latest Navcore. Restart Tomtom home and run updates again until no updates are available.

– Unplug the device fom pc and start it. It will create the ttgo.bif file that you will patch later or you can copy  your ttgo.bif file from your backup.

– Plug your device to your computer
– Open ttgo.bif with notepad to see your Navcore version

– Open TomTom Home and click on “Operate My TomTom”/”Operate My Go” or similar, depending on your model. it might ask you to download a file. If you receive a error message, don`t worry, the dll profile that is needed on this step is already created anyway.

– CloseTomTom Home.

– Check which map is compatible with your navcore using the chart here for the v915 maps:

Compatible Chart v915 Maps by ingazu

– Download the compatible map using the Map Thread Finder, but first make sure the meta is available!
If you see the words “no meta yet” next to the map thread link, look for another map which has the meta code listed there:

Map Thread Finder – Tomtom v915 Maps

– Extract the map, and copy across the new map folder into the root of the device. Make sure when you open the map folder it only contains the map files, not another folder within a folder.

– Copy across the Voices folder from your backup into the root of the device. Or you can download free voices from TomTom Home.

–  Get FastActivate from HERE:


– Extract fastactivate archive and copy FastActivate.exe to your tomtom`s root folder.

– Open FastActivate.exe  and wait for each of the 4 steps to complete: update meta, patch maps/cams, patch navcore and home Home.

– No unplug it from your Computer, it should work

Download Navcore TomTom for TomTom GO devices (58.78 MB)

Download NavCore TomTom ONE / XL devices (40.7 MB)

Navcore TomTom one xl / GO v9.530 Download Free