iGO USA 2018 maps Download

iGO USA 2018 maps download free torrentiGO USA 2018 maps are here! Canada maps are included, you can choose if you want to download Canada or not when you add the torrent.

Drive safely and economicaly trough the United States of America with the latest maps released by HERE, and TomTom for the United States of America!

The torrent has everything you need: MAPs, 3D buildings, POIs, Truck POI fast routes etc.

iGO USA 2018 maps download torrent


NOTE! You will have to deselect the other countries from the torrent, this torrent has world-wide maps. We DID provide you the torrent that has only the US maps but the torrent speed is way to low, as reported from users, so we recommend to use the word-wide torrent instead.

slow speed torrent that has only North America maps – 5.8GB

Drive safe!