iGO South America maps 2018 download

The latest update for iGO South America 2018 maps are here and they are available to download for FREE! 😀

the update has 2.44 GB in size, but you can select wich country you download in case you are using just a 1GB SD card. The update contains MAP, POIs 3D Buildings (main cities) truck routes and POIs for the following countries: Brazil, Columbia, Argenina, Venesuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and SuryName.

NOTE! We got reports and the USA maps Torrent is SLOW. We provide you a faster torrent cotaining iGO WORLD map istead, you need to manually select wich country you want to download

Download iGO South America maps 2018 torrent


iGO South America maps 2018