iGO Navigation Android apk Download, All Resolutions

INFO: This is the simplest way to get iGO working on your Android phone. You need to follow the instructions in order to make it work. This is iGO 2021 Android apk cracked, it works on All screen sizes, and all Android versions.

  1. Download the Zip Archive (from the bottom of this post).
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Move the iGO folder inside the archive to the Root of your Android device(Root is where DCIM, Downloads and Pictures folders are)
  4. Install “iGO World all Screen sizes.apk” Note: you need to tap “Install apps from unknown sources – see the video”

Voila! The app should be working at this moment 😉

Now let`s add the maps.

This is where you should copy the maps:

.fbl > Actual Maps > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fda > Driver Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fjv > Junction view > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fpa > Proximity Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fsp > Speed profiles > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.ftr > Truck Info > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.hnr > Defined Routes > iGO/Content/Map/
.poi > Points of Interest > iGO/Contents/poi/
.3dc > 3D Buildings > iGO/Content/Building/
.3dl > 3D Landmarks > iGO/Content/Building/
.dem > Map Terrain > iGO/Content/Dem/
.hsp > History Speed > iGO/Content/Histspeed/
.ph  > Regional Voice Corrections > iGO/Content/Phoneme/
.txt > Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.spc > same as Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.kml > Custom Points of Interest > iGO/Content/userdata/poi/

You can download the maps for the countries you want by using the Search option from this website (Menu->Search) or by using iGO World Maps 2018 torrent


Download iGO Navigation Android .apk

Download iGO 2021 maps