iGO Europe 2016 (Q2) maps Download

Download the latest maps and FDS files for your GPS Device: iGO Europe 2016. The maps are provided by HERE the biggest (and probably the best) map provider in the world.

iGO Europe 2016 (Q2) maps Download Free HERE

Seems like this is the last map the iGO will release in 2016. Hence we do not except any newer maps this year.

Download iGO Europe 2016 Q2 maps

Alternate link (Torrent)

Dowload FDS files (Optional)

Here is what FDS files are:

As the Vehicles are getting better and safer, HERE a company co-owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler made these curve alert files, with FDS extension.

On modern cars, these files modify the car`s powertrain, lightning curve, suspension and alerts car about the road autonomy. In conclusion,  on regular GPS devices, YOU DON`T NEED THESE FILES. In adtition, he files are required only on GPS systems installed in cars.