iGO 2021 World maps .torrent free download Link

Here you can download the latest maps released for the year 2021 by iGO for the entire world: iGO 2021 world maps. Just download the maps you need and paste them over your old maps(overwrite).

You don`t need to download the entire .torrent. You can choose the maps you want.

We pay subscription to iGO so you can download the maps for free.

The maps contains all files that you need for iGO primo and iGO dedicated devices:

3D Buildings, Fast Routes, Truck Points of Interests, Car POI`s, Speedcams (in countries where are fixed speed cameras)

In the next table we will explain what each files does:

iGO 2021 World maps  .torrent free download Link
.fspthe speed limits map
.fdsDangerous Areas, Dangeerous curves
.ftrSpecial info for Trucks
.hnrPre-calculated routes (easy, fast, fuel-eficient etc)
.poiPoints of interest (for both trucks and cars)
.fpaInformations about POI`s that are not on the main road
.hspPre-recorded trafic data, for a beter arrival time aproximation
.demInformation about altitude, for a better 3D rendering
.3dl3D Buildings
.3DC3D items
.phHelps on speaking steet names
.txt .spcSpeedcameras location
.fbl The country map

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