How to update Garmin devices for FREE

Gramin maps have the .img extension, so if you think that you`ve downloaded Garmin maps but they don`t have the name xxxxx.img you don`t have Garmin maps.

I recommend you to always use unlocked maps, the locked ones needs to be unlocked using different tools, while the unlocked ones are ready to copy and use.

The way to update Garmin maps if not the same at all devices

For the Garmin 1xx, 2xx, 37xx , other devices released on 2012:

For this devices you have to enable “Show hidden files and folders” because the maps are located in a hidden folder named .System

Open Windows Explorer and go to:

Tools->Folder Options->View –> Check: Show hidden files, folders and drives
And uncheck:  Hide protected operating system file (Recommended)

You can also do this by going to the Control Panel =>Folder Options=>View – Check: Show hidden files, folders and drives
And uncheck:  Hide protected operating system file (Recommended)

How to update Garmin devices for FREE

If you have a device that connects in MTP mode You have to:

Enter volume screen and press the right up corner of the screen for aproximately 10 seconds to enable the developer settings, and choose MASS STORAGE

Now shutdown and connect the device to your PC
Now you should see all the hidden folders
There are 2 ways to update the maps:

First Method: 

Replace the map file you find in there  (usually gmapprom.img) with the one you`ve downloaded, but make sure you rename the downloaded file like the original one.

Second Method: 

Create a new folder in the root of your device and name it “Map” and place the maps in that folder 

Example: Lets`s say the drive of your garmin device is K:\

The tree should look like this:


I works the same for SD card

Other older garmin devices:

If you don`t see the .System folder all the maps are located in the GARMIN folder.

To update maps for this devices you shuld;

Replce the map you find in there ( usually named “gmapprom.img”) with the map that you downloaded, you can rename the downloaded map in gmapprom.img if has another name.

OR, if you want more maps in your device you should rename the files in:
gmapprom.img (original map/ or renamed new map)
gmapsupp.img (2nd  map)
gmapprom1.img (3nd map)
gmapoem.img (4th map – can’t be unselected)
devices with 3D buildings support, can rename in
gmap3d1.img (5th map)
OR  Create a folder named “Garmin” on the root of your SD card and copy gmapsupp.img inside that folder.  This method does not support multiple maps.

For Garmin Mobile XT:

You replace the downloaded maps with the ones you find in your Device or on your device`s SD card.

The name of the maps are:



If you don`t fnd the farmin folder, go to: Tools\Manage My Data\Map Sets

For MobilePC Devices

For this model you have to copy maps into the folder named GarminMobilePC