What are FDS Files from iGO and where to put them?

Latest maps from iGO comes with new files with FDS extension. This post is about what are FDS Files and where to put them?

ON SHORT: .fds files are the files that alerts your device/car about dangerous curves and sharp turns.

What are FDS Files from iGO and where to put them?

i quote 360.here.com:

” when HERE fully maps a road, we’re not just recording its shape and where it goes. We’re also recording the slope, height, curvature, relevant traffic signs and lane information. “A fully mapped road has more than 20 recorded attributes that can be used by ADAS applications,” 

First you should know that you don`t really need these files:

As the Vehicles are getting better and safer, HERE a company co-owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler made these curve alert files, with FDS extension.

On modern cars, these files modify the car`s powertrain, lightning curve, suspension and alerts car about the road autonomy. In conclusion,  on regular GPS devices, YOU DON`T  NEED THESE FILES to make the maps work, they work fine without them. In adtition, the files are good if they are installed on modern GPS systems installed in cars.

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