Sygic Germany 2014 map Free Download

Sygic Germany 2014 map is the latest map released by Navteq for Sygic in 2014.

This maps works best with Sygic for Android and Iphone, including Sygic truck navigation app.

The map includes the following files:

deu.2dc,,,, deu.ne0, deu.ne1, deu.ne2, deu.nhs, deu.pak, deu.pnm, and deu.poi.

This means the the pack in complete, so you don`t have to worry about missing files. The pack size is 637 MB, and is a single archive hosted on Deposit files.

this is the image photo of Sygic Germany 2014 map Free Download

Click here to download for free Sygic Germany 2014 map (637 MB)

Sygic North America 2014 map free download

The Sygic North America 2014 map contains full coverage, 3D Buildngs, and POI`s for the following countries:
Hawaii, New York, Puerto Rico, Illinois, Wyoming, Arizona, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Canada ,Colorado , California, Delaware, Florida,  Georgia, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Maine, Louisiana, Maryland,  Mexico, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, New Hampshire , New Jersey, North Carolinaw,  North Dakota , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania ,  Rhode Island , South Carolina , South Dakota , Tennessee, Utah , Vermont ,  Washington , West Virginia , Alaska, Alabama and Virginia.

Sygic North America 2014 map free download apk

As you might know, Sygic is No.1 offline navigation app for the moment. They have gone so far because they have updated maps and their app has one only feature: HUD (Head-Up Display).

Download latest Sygic apk for anroid with HUD

Download Sygic North America 2014 map for free!

Sygic Africa maps 2014 [2014.40] Download free

Download Sygic Africa maps 2014 40 for the following countries:

Mali ,Swaziland, Cameroon, Mauritius, Benin , Angola , Burkina Faso , Zambia,  Democratic Republic of Congo , Egypt , Gabon , Ghana , Mauritania , Kenya , Lesotho , Malawi ,Tanzania , Mozambique , Mayote , Namibia , Niger , Nigeria ,  Republic of Congo , Reunion , Senegal , South Africa , Togo , Uganda , Zimbabwe, Botswana

Navigate with full confidence on the street of Africa with fresh Sygic maps.

Sygic actually is the best offline gps mapper of the moment, it has the most complete maps and POI`s.

Sygic Africa maps 2014 [2014.40] Download free

Download Sygic Africa maps 2014 for free by clicking here

You can download the latest Sygic .apk from the following link

Latest sygic .apk

Sygic apk 14.3.1 patched download free

This is the latest version of Sygic apk 14.3.1 patched(cracked). Please read instructons before install if you want this app to work This version of Sygic includes HUD (Head-Up display) This feature projects navigation instructions to your car`s windscreen.

Sygic apk 14.3.1 patched download free     Install Instructions: First of all, uninstall any previous version of Sygic, if you have installed. 1. Download the Sygic apk cracked, and Sygic 14.3.1. apk base. 2. Extract Sygic folder on the root of your SD card, ADD MAPS, if you do not have maps, use the Sygic map downloader (You can get it by clicking the link bellow) 3. Install Sygic patched apk Now, open apk, it should show you directly your location 🙂

Download Sygic 14.0.1 patched (128.98 MB)

Download Sygic map downloader with maps for this app version 2014


Sygic 2014 maps for Europe by navteq free download link

These are the only maps that Navteq released in 2014, for Sygic!

They covers all the countries in the Europe, so you can navigate with confidence.

Sygic 2014 maps by navteq free download link

Download Sygic maps 2014 maps for Europe and all other countries/continents using Sygic map Downloader

Download Sygic map Downloader 14

After you finish downloading the maps with the downloader you have to replace with this one:

Sygic 2014 maps for europe

Download sygic 2014 maps for Europe:

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download part 3

Download part 4

Download part 5

Download part 6

Download part 7

Download part 8

Download part 9

Download part 10

Sygic Europe maps 2014 download free

This a shared folder were all the LATEST sygic apps and maps will be uploaded.

Note that sygic is the most used iOS and Android app, It works with offline maps it`s the ONLY app that has the revolutionary Head up Display, witch is very usefull.

Head-up display shows the following: Turn arrows, and the distance to the turns, actual speed, speed limits and estimated arrival time.

It contains detailed maps for: Andorra , Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Canary Islands , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Gibraltar , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Monaco , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania San Marino , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom and Vatican.

Sygic Europe maps 2014 download link

See the folder here:

Download Sygic Europe maps 2014 folder

Sygic apk cracked v13 full Europe download

The latest Sygic maps with the latest Europe maps, all-in-one, available for free download!

Install the maps on your SD card and copy the maps into Sygic/maps folder.

If you want to use Navteq maps you have to change settings in, witch you fin din Sygic Map Downloader

Uninstall the old Sygic  apk and sygic folder(if there is any sygic folder, or sygic apk)
Unpack the rar archive and Copy > Sygic folder and Sygic_Android_v13.4.2_SS.apk to the root of you SD-Card or Internal Memory
Open on your computer/laptop Sygic_MapDownloader_TT_2013.06_NT_2013.09 and get the maps you need.
So, now you have the maps, you need to upload them to Sygic/Maps on your Android device
Now run and install Sygic_Android_v13.4.2_SS.apk

Restart your device

Run Sygic



Download link for sygic apk cracked v13 with Europe maps

Mirror link

sygic  apk cracked v13

Sygic 2013 Europe maps free download

Sygic 2013 Europe maps, these are the latest maps released by Sygic on 2013.

You will never get lost with the new Sygic maps while you drive or walk.

The maps also includes 3D buildings so you will easily find your way trough unfamiliar cities.

But not only the buildings are 3 dimensional, also parks and mountains are in 3D.

These maps costs 40 Euros, but you can download them for free from the links below.

This is why Sygic is the best navigator for Android phones.

,sygic 2013 maps europesygic 2013 maps europe

Download Sygic 2013 Europe maps:

Download part 1 (900 MB)

Download part 2 (900 MB)

Download part 3 (900 MB)

Download part 4 (900 MB)

Download part 5 (747 MB)