How to download .torrent files legally

How to download .torrent files legally even if your country blocks torrents! ūüėČ

Torrents are much better than file sharing sites because they never get deleted, their¬†content is stored in user`s computer. The user who has downloaded the torrent, if he/she keeps the torrent client open and does not stop the torrent from seeding in the torrent app, it will be uploaded on other “leechers” computers.

So, if you download a .torrent file you are a leecher, after you download it you are a seeder.

I recommend you to keep the torrent for seeding so everyone will be able to download it.

How to download a torrent?

To download torrents you need a .torrent client. The no.1 .torrent client in the world is Utorrent.

Download uTorrent (1.4 MB)

After you have downloaded and istaled uTorrent, click on the magnet links from our site and the torrent app should open automatically.


Sometimes clicking on torrent links does not open the torrent app, in this case add the link manually by pasting it in File> Add torrent from URL.


How to download a torrent legal

It works the same with the files with .torrent extension

How to download a torrent legally?

If your country forbidden torrent downloads you can do like this:

1: Rent a Windows VPS or a offshore windows VPS (aprox 10$/month) You can also use Linux vps, but only the one that has an interface installed (most linux servers come only with a comand line)

2: Use the information given by the server administrator and connect to the server.

3: Install the torrent app, download the torrents you want, save your files to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, CloudBox etc. and ¬†download them from your pc ūüėÄ

Have a nice day!

TomTom World wide map free download Link

Want to be able to drive anywere? If you have a 32 GB SD card, you can install on it the entire world map ūüôā

All the maps have the latest version

In the following High Speed Torrent you have the following maps:

Canada-Alaska_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Canada-Alaska_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Atlantic_Islands_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_North_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_South_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_West_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_TRUCK_920_5273 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
French_Antilles_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
French_Guiana_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Greece_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Greece_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Hong_Kong_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
iGO R3 Navteq Europe 2013.Q2 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Indian_Ocean_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Malaysia_Singapore_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Mexico_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Middle_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Middle_East_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Morocco_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Poland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Russia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Russia_Baltics_Finland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US .torrent
Scandinavia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Singapore_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
South_Africa_Swaziland_and_Lesotho_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
South_Africa_Swaziland_and_Lesotho_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southeast_Asia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Thailand_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Turkey_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Turkey_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_2GB_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_2GB_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_and_Mexico_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Mediterranean_Islands_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Africa_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Argentina_Mapear_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Brazil_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Brazil_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Canada-Alaska_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent


Garmin North America 2014 maps free download

These are the Garmin City Navigator maps released on Feb 2014.

The pack contains map, 3D buildings and JCV files

If you never Installed new maps on your device watch READ THIS

Download Garmin CN North America .img UNLOCKED

Download Garmin CN North America 3D buildings Unlocked

Download Garmin CN North America JCV (Only for Nuvi7x5-Zumo-1xxx)

Download Garmin CN North America  JCV (for 13xx & 14xx Lite)


Download CN North America img part 1

Download CN North America img part2  

Download CN North America img part3 

Download CN North America img part4 

Download CN North America img part 5 

Download CN North America img part 6
3D: Locked

3D: UnLocked

D3060130A.JCV North America Fullscreen large JCV

Part1  Part2

D1279210A.JCV US & CA only Fullscreen JCV
Part1  Part2
D3191120A.JCV SplitScreen Full version Nuvi 24xx 25xx
D1279200A.JCV full screen smaller jcv

Part1 | Part2

D3153130A.JCV 13xx & 14xx Lite jcv
D3478110A.JCV for Garmin Nuvi x0/x2&street pilot.
Lane Assistant USA and Canada only

D2656140A.sid Extended Pointing adress for 34xx&25xx

D3157120A.sid instasearch for 34xx&25xx

D3406110A.sid (traffic trends v3) 34xx&25xx



D3398110A.sid (fast routing) 34xx&25xx

D3397110A.db (countrystatesearch) 34xx&25xx



Garmin City navigator Europe maps 2014 – all countries, free download links

1st.: If you never installed new maps on your device, you might want to see this tutorial:

City Navigator Europe NTU 2014.40

So, these are the latest maps released by iGO on 2014 for EUROPE


Maps, Source data LOCKED

Download part 1 (350 MB)

Download part 2 (350 MB)

Download part 3 (350 MB)

Download part 4 (350 MB)

Download part 5 (350 MB)

Download part 6 (350 MB)

Download part 7 (350 MB)

Download part 8 (350 MB)

Download part 9 (38 MB)


Maps Source data, UNLOCKED

Download part 1 (350 MB)

Download part 2 (350 MB)

Download part 3 (350 MB)

Download part 4 (350 MB)

Download part 5 (350 MB)

Download part 6 (350 MB)

Download part 7 (350 MB)

Download part 8 (350 MB)

Download part 9 (29.9 MB)


IMAGE all (locked)

Download part 1 (350 MB)

Download part 2 (350 MB)

Download part 3 (350 MB)

Download part 4 (350 MB)

Download part 5 (350 MB)

Download part 6 (350 MB)

Download part 7 (350 MB)

Download part 8 (59.34 MB)

Image all Unlocked

Download part 1 (350 MB)

Download part 2 (350 MB)

Download part 3 (350 MB)

Download part 4 (350 MB)

Download part 5 (350 MB)

Download part 6 (350 MB)

Download part 7 (350 MB)

Download part 8 (59.34 MB)


Garmin City Navigator 2014 Greece and Italy

Locked image:

Italy&Greece Download Locked

Italy&Greece Download Unlocked


Garmin City Navigator 2014 Spain and Portugal

Download Locked img

Download UnLocked img


Garmin City Navigator 2014 United Kingdom and Ireland

Download Locked img

Download Unlocked img


Garmin City Navigator 2014 for Nordic countries and Estonia

Download Locked img

Download Unlocked img


Garmin City Navigator 2014 Turkey maps

Download Unlocked img

Download Locked img


Garmin City navigator 2014 Benelux & France

Download Unlocked img part 1

Download Unlocked img part 2

Download Locked img part 1

Download Locked img part 2

Download 3D buildings Unlocked:

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download 3D building Locked:

Download part 1

Download part 2


Download unl.img


Download 3D unl files:

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download JCV files (high resolution)

CNENTU 2014.40 D3048140A_HighRes_JCV.rar

Download JCV files, for Nuvi and other devices

CNENTU 2014.40 D3589110A_Nuvi40-50_JCV.rar

Download DB files (My trends Technology)

CNENTU 2014.40 D3413120A_db.rar

Download SID files:

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download G2S files (Nu rute Technology)

CNENTU 2014.40 D2925140A_G2S.rar


Mirror, Only for Unlocked files



Password: ozboss18

Now, travelling should be a lot more easier.

iGO8 North America 2013 – 2014 (USA & Canda) maps free download link (2.3 GB)

These are the latest maps for North america released by Navteq for iGO/Topmap/Teleatlass/Becker Gps Devices

It contains maps for all United States including Alaska, and Canada.

If the first download does not work try the second one but DO NOT COMBINE THE DOWNLOAD SOURCES because there are different archives

iGO8 North America 2013 - 2014 (USA & Canda) maps free download link (2.3 GB)

Download iGO maps 2014 q1 for North America


DOWNLOAD iGO8 North America 2013 – 2014 (q3 2013)


What are ASR, SQlite, 3D, G2S, DB files on Garmin Devices

In this post i will try to explain you how to use the files that you find on this website

The files are located in a folder that is hidden, the folder`s name is “.System”. You have there the IMG(maps) files gmapbmap.img(main, basemap), gmapdem.img(DEM map) and some not so important folders, But the folders that we are looking for are ASR, JCV, G2S and SQlite.

If you can`t see hidden folders, go to tools/organize on windows explorer, click folder options and tick view hidden files and folders.

Now let see what are this hidden folders made for:

 ALWAYS, But ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DEVICE before you start modifing folder structure.

In the ASR folder you will find the file the files that makes your device speak. Note that this might not be available on some devices, so if you can`t find this folder it means that your device dosen`t support voice.

If you update the maps you have to update the ASR files too, because, for example if you use CN US maps and NT US ASR files you will have no voice.
These files are XXXX.ASR and XXXX.SRX, remove pervesious ASR and SRX files before you copy the new ones!, Note that you CAN have more ASR files in the folder, if you have Both american and European maps. Do not change the name of the files!

To update Voice, copy ASR and SRX files into the following folders:

  • Device:.SystemASR Folder – for newer¬†devices that has hidden .System folder.
  • Device:GarminASR Folder¬†– for devices with no hidden .System folder
  • SD:GarminASR Folder¬†– for other devices

N√ľRoute¬†Technology: TrafficTrends & MyTrends

TrafficTrend is available on newer devices, it will give you infos about traffic flow and will help you calculate the fasted route.
MyTrends this is similar with trafficTrend, and your device must be equipped with a traffic receiver.

TrafficTrends and MyTrends are stored in these files:  XXXX.DB and XXXX.G2S to update them, you must copy them in:

  • Device\System\G2S Folder – For G2S file
  • Device\System\SQlite Folder – For DB file.


LANE ASSISTANT (Stored in map .img file)
Lane assistant is a feature that does not need any update, because is stored in the basic .IMG map file.

This Feature shows you the driving lane to follow.

Here is a demo picture

Video for The Lane Assistant Infos

Junction view is a more powerful line assistant. This not only shows you the colored line of the lane you should use, but it also shows you a picture of that junction with all the trees and buildings

To update juctions view you have to update the following files:

  • Device\System\JCV folder –¬†If your .System is HIDDEN
  • Device\Garmin\JCV – for older device with JCV¬†support
  • SD\Garmin\JCV ¬†– for all other devices.

Do not rename The JCV files, just copy them in JCV folder. The JCV folder can contain more  JCV files, EXAMPLE JCV for CN Europe and JCV for CN North America.

This shows you a demo for Junction View

Another demo:

And a demo video:

3D Buildings (gmap3d.img)
This Features shows the most important buildings in 3D, mostly in big cities.

To update 3D Building you must copy gmap3d.img file in:

  • Device\System gmap3d.img,¬†or
  • SD\Map\gmap3d.img

For Devices with hidden System folder

For other devices

  • Device\Garmin\gmap3d.img or,
  • SD\Garmin\gmap3d.img

You can use 2 different 3D buldings file if you name them corectly: one gmap3d.img and the other one gmap3d1.img, or t For example:


  • Device\Syste\gmap3d.img (North Amrica 3D)
  • SD Card\Map\gmap3d.img (South America 3D)

Time Zone (gmaptz.img file)

This file is always the same it should not be updated. It`s responsable for updating your device time when you go from a timezone to another. If you want to update it or install new maps you should know the the gmaptz.img file is located in:

  • Newer Devices: System\gmaptz.img
  • Older Devices: Garmin\gmaptz.img