Sygic apk cracked v13 full Europe download

The latest Sygic maps with the latest Europe maps, all-in-one, available for free download!

Install the maps on your SD card and copy the maps into Sygic/maps folder.

If you want to use Navteq maps you have to change settings in, witch you fin din Sygic Map Downloader

Uninstall the old Sygic  apk and sygic folder(if there is any sygic folder, or sygic apk)
Unpack the rar archive and Copy > Sygic folder and Sygic_Android_v13.4.2_SS.apk to the root of you SD-Card or Internal Memory
Open on your computer/laptop Sygic_MapDownloader_TT_2013.06_NT_2013.09 and get the maps you need.
So, now you have the maps, you need to upload them to Sygic/Maps on your Android device
Now run and install Sygic_Android_v13.4.2_SS.apk

Restart your device

Run Sygic



Download link for sygic apk cracked v13 with Europe maps

Mirror link

sygic  apk cracked v13

Navigon android apk cracked [no root]

Navigon, one of the best navigation apps for android is now available for free to you.

Never heard of Navigon? That`s because is a new brand Supported by Garmin, one of the oldest name on GPS market.

You will be amazed to see all the features the a simple GPS app can have, and all is for free!

Thanks to real traffic option, now you can see what areas you should avoid to get on your destination as fastest and cheaper as possible.

Download Link

Navigon android apk cracked

iGO Primo v2 for android (Multiresolution)

It supports the following resolutions:


iGO primo v2

Steps to install:

1.: Make a new folder on you phone`s memory root and name it IGO

2.: Rename, or the specific resolution  to

3.: Install iGO .apk, and enjoy the best navigation software for android.

iGO primo v2 Download Link

iGO primo®, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality

Main Features:

  • Intuitive features
  • Fleet and mobile resource management
  • HD 3D Visual Experience
  • State-of-the-art intuitive UI
  • Truck features
  • Latest Map Guarantee
  • Connected features

Mireo 2103 maps / Mio maps, Full Europe free download

These are the latest maps released by Mireo, on 2013.

These maps were mapped on 2012 but released on 2013

The total size of the maps is ~2.5 GB, the archive contains the maps and the licesnses to use them.

Yo update the maps from your GPS device, just replace the file in the archive with the old ones.

Total size: 2.5 GB

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Download Part 4

Download Part 5

Sygic 2013 Europe maps free download

Sygic 2013 Europe maps, these are the latest maps released by Sygic on 2013.

You will never get lost with the new Sygic maps while you drive or walk.

The maps also includes 3D buildings so you will easily find your way trough unfamiliar cities.

But not only the buildings are 3 dimensional, also parks and mountains are in 3D.

These maps costs 40 Euros, but you can download them for free from the links below.

This is why Sygic is the best navigator for Android phones.

,sygic 2013 maps europesygic 2013 maps europe

Download Sygic 2013 Europe maps:

Download part 1 (900 MB)

Download part 2 (900 MB)

Download part 3 (900 MB)

Download part 4 (900 MB)

Download part 5 (747 MB)

iGO primo truck full kit (Europe)

This is the perfect kit for truck drivers, it includes all the features that iGO Primo usually has and height and weight restrictions, it warns driver for hazardous roads, Tunel mode, and more others

It also includes multimedia applications like media player, image viewer, documents and e-book readers and others…

Download Link

Becker maps 2013 for Europe Free download link

These are the latest maps available for Becker and iGO Devices (Both devices have Navteq maps installed, so you can use the same maps on all iGO and Becker devices)

The maps were released on July 2013, and they size 2 GB.

We provided you fast download Links, so you can enjoy, for free the latest maps for your device.

Download becker maps 2013:

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Download Part 4

Becker maps 2013

Becker maps 2013