Sygic Europe maps 2014 download free

This a shared folder were all the LATEST sygic apps and maps will be uploaded.

Note that sygic is the most used iOS and Android app, It works with offline maps it`s the ONLY app that has the revolutionary Head up Display, witch is very usefull.

Head-up display shows the following: Turn arrows, and the distance to the turns, actual speed, speed limits and estimated arrival time.

It contains detailed maps for: Andorra , Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Canary Islands , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Gibraltar , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Monaco , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania San Marino , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom and Vatican.

Sygic Europe maps 2014 download link

See the folder here:

Download Sygic Europe maps 2014 folder

Sygic apk cracked download v 13.4.2 (12.06 MB)

 The wold`s most downloaded OFFLINE navigation system.

This is how the next generation of navigation looks and works like.

The app comes with Head-UP display – it shows the navigation guidance on car windscreen with now additional equipment!

It supports traffic, so you can avoid traffic jams and it can be integrated into your car`s audio system via bluetooth or cable, so you can clearly hear the indications.

You can customize the display screen the way you want,.

It also has the ability to navigate to Postal Codes, street junctions, tagged photos, GPS coordonates and many more.

There is no need of internet connection, it works with GPS receiver only.

Download MAPS from here:

Download Sygic apk cracked v 13.4.2 (12.06 MB)

Get the latest version – Sygic 15.2.2 + Maps

 Download Sygic 14.0.2

Intructions: Download&Install the .apk file
Copy BASE directory in Android/Sdcard
Download the maps and copy it to Sdcard/Sygic/Maps (World map wcl is required)

For other maps and files, please check also THIS LINK

sygic apk cracked download v 13.4.1

sygic apk cracked download v 13.4.1sygic apk cracked download v 13.4.1Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps - screenshot

sygic apk cracked download v 13.4.1

Navigon Europe 5.2 + 2014 full Europe maps

With Navigon you can turn your Android/iOS device into a fully functional navigation system.

This pack contains NAvigon Europe v5.2 patched and the maps for the following Europe countries:

Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Latvia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania,  Belgium,  Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican,  Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Andorra,Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, The Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Belarus and Turkey.

Navigon is so good because it has Google Street view available (for supported area) a ACTIVE lane-assistant, Google instant search, and other cool features that other GPS applications does not have

Download links :(3.32 GB total)

Navigon Europe 5.2 + 2014 full Europe maps part 1

Navigon Europe 5.2 + 2014 full Europe maps part 2

Navigon Europe 5.2 + 2014 full Europe maps part 3

Navigon Europe 5.2 + 2014 full Europe maps part 4

How to download .torrent files legally

How to download .torrent files legally even if your country blocks torrents! 😉

Torrents are much better than file sharing sites because they never get deleted, their content is stored in user`s computer. The user who has downloaded the torrent, if he/she keeps the torrent client open and does not stop the torrent from seeding in the torrent app, it will be uploaded on other “leechers” computers.

So, if you download a .torrent file you are a leecher, after you download it you are a seeder.

I recommend you to keep the torrent for seeding so everyone will be able to download it.

How to download a torrent?

To download torrents you need a .torrent client. The no.1 .torrent client in the world is Utorrent.

Download uTorrent (1.4 MB)

After you have downloaded and istaled uTorrent, click on the magnet links from our site and the torrent app should open automatically.


Sometimes clicking on torrent links does not open the torrent app, in this case add the link manually by pasting it in File> Add torrent from URL.

How to download a torrent legal

It works the same with the files with .torrent extension

How to download a torrent legally?

If your country forbidden torrent downloads you can do like this:

1: Rent a Windows VPS or a offshore windows VPS (aprox 10$/month) You can also use Linux vps, but only the one that has an interface installed (most linux servers come only with a comand line)

2: Use the information given by the server administrator and connect to the server.

3: Install the torrent app, download the torrents you want, save your files to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, CloudBox etc. and  download them from your pc 😀

Have a nice day!

TomTom World wide map free download Link

Want to be able to drive anywere? If you have a 32 GB SD card, you can install on it the entire world map 🙂

All the maps have the latest version

In the following High Speed Torrent you have the following maps:

Canada-Alaska_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Canada-Alaska_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_and_Eastern_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Central_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
DE_AT_CH_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Atlantic_Islands_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Eastern_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_North_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_South_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_1GB_West_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_Central_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_East_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_North_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_South_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_TRUCK_920_5273 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Europe_West_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
France_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
French_Antilles_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
French_Guiana_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Greece_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Greece_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Hong_Kong_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Iberia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
iGO R3 Navteq Europe 2013.Q2 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Indian_Ocean_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Italia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Malaysia_Singapore_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Mexico_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Middle_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Middle_East_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Morocco_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
New_Zealand_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Northern_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Poland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Russia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Russia_Baltics_Finland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Scandinavia_920_5267 GPSMAP.US .torrent
Scandinavia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Singapore_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
South_Africa_Swaziland_and_Lesotho_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
South_Africa_Swaziland_and_Lesotho_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southeast_Asia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Africa_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Southern_Europe_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Thailand_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Turkey_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Turkey_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_2GB_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_2GB_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
United_States_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_and_Mexico_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_1GB_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
USA_Canada_and_Mexico_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_1GB_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Europe_920_5271 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_Mediterranean_Islands_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5268 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Western_US_and_Canada_920_5269 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Africa_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Africa_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Argentina_Mapear_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Australia_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5267 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Benelux_920_5270 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Brazil_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Brazil_920_5243 GPSMAP.US.torrent
Canada-Alaska_920_5241 GPSMAP.US.torrent