Laden Sie iGO 2019 Deutschland Karten kostenlos herunter

Laden Sie iGO Deutschland 2019-Karten herunter, für diejenigen, die auf den perfektesten Straßen der Welt mit den schönsten Fahrern unterwegs sind;)

Dies sind die neuesten von iGO Navigation kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellten Karten.

Sie benötigen einen Torrent-Client, um diese Karten herunterzuladen. Wenn Sie nicht wissen, wie A .TORRENT heruntergeladen wird, oder wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie Sie Torents herunterladen können, ohne dass die Aufsichtsbehörden nach Ihnen kommen, lesen Sie DIESES post

Laden Sie den iGO Deutschland 2019-Karten-Torrent herunter

iGO South America 2019 atualização de mapas link de download

iGO South America 2019 atualização de mapas link de download lançou a última atualização: mapas da iGO 2019 South America!

Os mapas contêm todos os arquivos que você precisa, incluindo SpeedCameras e 3D Buildings

Estes são os últimos mapas lançados pelo iGO para a América do Sul até o momento. Quando novos mapas estiverem disponíveis, atualizaremos o link

Link para download dos mapas da iGO South America

Se você quiser instalar facilmente o iGO no android, você tem as instruções aqui:

Este é o link mais recente disponível, atualizamos todos os links assim que novos mapas estiverem disponíveis. Baixe com Confiança de GpsMap.US;)

iGO 2019 Western Europe maps

iGo 2019 western eruope maps free

Naviexstrass just released the 2019 version of iGO Western Europe maps.

This maps works with iGO Primo, igo8.3 dedicated devices and iGO Android

To install the maps, just copy them in the specific Folders, for more details READ THIS

The pack contains all maps you need for traveling, including the new SpeedCameras, bridges, height width and length limitation. FastRoutes and TruckRoutes are also included.

Download iGO 2019 Western Europe maps torrent.

We use torrent because is 5x faster than normal websites and simpler to download.

You are welcome!

iGO 2019 South America maps update

iGO 2019 South America map update Downlad

igonavigation released an update foor igo 2019 South America maps. We have free lifetime Subscription to iGO and are giving you the map pack for free!

This pack contains all the iGO updated routes that every driver is seeking for. Truck files are included.

This navigation is way better then Google Maps&Waze, if you want, you can instal iGO nng Android for free from here:

Download iGO 2019 South America maps

iGO 2019 North America maps

iGO North America Maps 2019 download free

Download iGO 2019 North america maps update from the link bellow. Read the following lines in order to undestand how to download this torrent.

The iGO 2019 North America maps includes all the countries from North America. You can select wich country you want to download the maps for, before starting the download process. You will have to select manually from a large list. This is the only way to give you the content for free, at high speed.

If you do not know how to download a torrent, READ HERE

The pack contains 3D maps, 3D Buildings for major cities, Poi, Truck POI, Truck Routes, Fast Routes, speedcams and everything else iGO provided. The files are downloaded from iGO website.

Download iGO 2019 North America maps Update

iGO Australia 2019 maps update free download

iGo Australia and New Zealand maps

The most wild continent in the world has received a new maps update: iGO 2019 Australia and New Zealand map update.

The maps are available to you for free download via torrent link, you will need to install a Torrent client/extenstion in order to download the maps.

This pack contains routes for trucks, so you will not get lost on the way to your destination.

Download link for iGO 2020 Australia maps

we will update the link when new maps will be available

Download link for igo 2020 WORD maps

iGO 2019 Europe maps Download Link

iGO 2019 Europe maps update free download link

Download for free the latest maps released by iGO in 2019: iGO 2019 Europe maps TomTom, Navteq and Here!

These are the latest maps doenloaded from

The maps are available for free download, but please note that the maps are stored in a .torrent, you need a torrent client app.

This is a complete map pack containing all the files you need, it has truck (lorry) routes and POI so you will not get dirrected under small bridges and areas with forrbidden access for trucks.

Download iGO 2019 Europe maps Torrent for free

Please note that the above link redirects you to igo world maps because the Europe torrent has no seeders anymore.

How to download a .torrent legally

iGO 2019 United States maps download free update

iGO 2018 USA United States of America map updat

Download for free iGO maps released in 2019 to update your GPS device with US (United States). The torrent also coontains maps for North and Central America.

NOTE! These ar the latest maps released by iGO in 2019. We do not gurantee that all states have updated 2019 maps, you might want to check the files before replacing them. Also, you can choose before you start the torrent the files you need. As a result of using a torrent.

The maps contains all updated 2019 POI`s Speedcams, Fastroutes, Truck POI, Truck Routes, 3D Buildings for major Cities, Lane Assist and more.

The maps are stored in a torrent, you need a torrent client to download them. If you do not know how, see this post.

Download iGO 2019 US maps update for free link (torrent).

mirror link

If the download link is corrupt, try iGO world 2019 maps.

iGO 2019 World maps download free .torrent

IGO 2019 world maps free download link android

iGO 2019 World maps download free .torrent update contains maps that works on both Android and WinCE devices.

Please note that these are the latest maps downloaded directly from their website. We pay subscription to iGO so we can give you the maps for free. 😉

The maps are stored in a torrent file so you can choose wich countries you want to download the maps for.

iGO 2019 world maps torrent contains all the files you need for your GPS device:.

  • .fbl – The country map
  • .fsp – the speed limits map
  • .fds – dangerous areas/courves
  • .ftr – specific info for Truckers
  • .hnr – pre-calculated routes (easy, fast, fuel-eficient etc)
  • .poi – Points of interest (for both trucks and cars)
  • .fpa – informations about POI`s that are not on the main road
  • .hsp – pre-recorded trafic data, for a beter arrival time aproximation
  • .dem – informan about altitude, for beter 3D rendering
  • .3dl – 3D buildings
  • .3DC – 3D items
  • .ph – helps on speaking steet names
  • .txt, .spc – Speedcameras location


How to download .torrent files.

How to install iGO on Android phone/tablet.

iGO 2019 are outdated; iGO 2020 maps link