igo 8.3.4 Download STABLE All resolutions + maps

This is the most stable version of iGO since now, and probably no new version will ever be available because GPS dedicated devices are rarely used since smartphones receives satellite signal faster and they have low prices.

Note that iGO updates their maps very often, and they covers the entire world, so it worth to install this navigation system

This version of iGO includes Driver Alterts (DA), fast route calculation, Map Changer, and instructions how to use and install it.

igo 8.3.4 Download STABLE All resolutions + maps

iGO 8.3.5 is available HERE

Download iGO 8.3.4 part 1 (Zippyshare, 95.78 MB)

Download iGO 8.3.4 part 2 (Zippyshare, 95.78 MB)

Download iGO 8.3.4 part 3 (Zippyshare, 95.78 MB)

Download iGO 8.3.4 part 4 (Zippyshare, 31.95 MB)

Download iGO 8.3.4 maps from here

iGO 8.3.5 download free Multi resolutuion kit

iGO 8.3.5 download free Multi resolutuion kit

Even now the GPS devices were replaced with smartphones and iGO did not released any newer version of iGO since 2012, some of us still prefer to use the old GPS device  instead of smartphone for navigation,

To make it work for  800×480 and 480×800 resolution devices you need to copy the files from 800 x 400 folder to igo8 folder.

  This is iGO

This version works with resolutions like:  480×234, 480×272, 240×400, 240×320, 320×240, 400×234, and 400×240. It can work with other resolutions if you modify sys.txt and write your device`s resolution, or you can copy content from the one from iGO 8.3.4.

Download iGO 8.3.5 Multi resolution kit (101.85 MB)


Even if this is the latest version of igo, i still recommend the older 8.3.4 one. You can find on our website the one that works with any resolution.

Download iGO primo 2014 apk v9.6.29.367542 ( released13 Feb 2014)

The same trusted and most used iGO engine is now available on android devices.

With fast route calculation, high quality maps, smooth and high defined graphics, and all language voice support, iGO primo 2014 apk is the best navigation software. But not for android devices. For android the best software, in MY OPINION, is SYGIC because it has a lot of other great features.

I used igo for a very long time but it looses this competition, and Sygic cammed up with great new fatures. Download Sygic

You can change the language to English, and you CAN use any maps.

Download iGO primo 2014 apk v9.6.29.367542 ( released13 Feb 2014)

Download iGO_Israel_9.6.29.367542_crk_sys_changed

Download  iGO primo 2014 data.zip

iGO Germany map 2016 download free

This is the latest igo Germany map released by Naviextras on the second quarter of 2013. iGO did not released any newer maps for Germany, as soon as newer ones are available will be available for free download from this website, and a download link will be inserted here, on this post.

The map comes with POI`s, Truck POI`s and routes, Text-to-speech, 3D buildings and fast routes calculation.

We have Updated maps!

Download iGO Germany map 2016 here

iGO Germany map 2014 download free

iGO maps 2014 Full Europe – Download and install tips

2015 Maps available! Download link below

Download iGO maps 2014 Full Europe – These are the latest maps downloaded on February 2014 from naviextras.com (The official website that provides maps for igo) The maps were released on Q2 2013 (second quarter of 2013).

The pack contains all the maps for countries from Europe.

To update maps you just have to connect your device to PC via usb cable/bluetooth/wifi, navigate to igo folder and upload the filed in the right folders.

iGO maps 2014 Full Europe - Download and install tips

The igo maps 2014 Full Europe Archive is spplitted in so many parts because Zippyshare only allows to upload max 200 mb files, but it has the highest free download speeds.

2015 Mirror links:

Download iGO HERE 2015 MapsTorrent!

Download iGO maps 2014 from Microsoft Ondrive 🙂


Where to copy and How to use these files?


FBL (the main map files) upload in \content\map\

FDA (Driver Alerts) upload in \content\map\

FPA (Proximity alerts) upload in \content\map\

FSP (Speed alerts) upload in \content\hitspeed\

FTR (Truck Routing)  upload in \content\map

HNR (Helps to calculate routes faster) upload in \content\map\

PHONEME (Files used for Text-To-Speech) \content\userdata\poi\

POI (Points of interest) content\userdata\poi\

POI Extended content\userdata\poi\

POI truck extended content\userdata\poi\

3D Buildings content\buildings

iGO maps 2014 for Australia Download (193.3 MB)

Searching for igo maps 2014? these are the maps that you can download from naviextrass.com. and YES, the maps were released on the second part of 2013, but these are the only maps available on 2014, so we can actually call them iGO 2014 maps for Australlia.

The maps covers over 800 000 Miles/ 1 300 000 Km of roads from Australia and New Zeeland with is 99% of the total population of these countries. The maps also contains 739 544 Points of Interests.

If you want to buy the go HERE or, you can:

Download for free igo maps 2014 for Australia  (193.3 MB)

!==> iGO Australia 2016 map <==!

iGO maps 2014 for Australia (193.3 MB)

Garmin Australia map 2014 download free

These are the maps for Australia and New Zeeland .

The Garmin Australia map 2014 includes over 1 200 000 kilometers of roads, from local roads to highways.

It can speak street names, and it knows one-way roads and turn restrictions, so you can navigate with confidence, with no data connection.

If you want to see a list of compatible devices you will find it HERE.

Note that, some say that Garmin is the best mapper around Australia.

Garmin Australia map 2014 download free

Download 2015 map from HERE (click)

Download Garmin Australia map 2014 Unlocked map source data

Download unlocked img

Download unlocked 3d

Download JCV, G2S , DB, SID files

Becker Traffic assist HighSpeed / Pro free update Download

These are the latest maps avaialbile for free, for the following becker traffic assist HighSpeed / Pro devices:

Traffic Assist High speed 7934
Traffic Assist High speed II 7988
Traffic Assist Pro 7916
Traffic Assist Pro Ferrari 7929.

The maps are for the following Countries:

Becker Traffic assist HighSpeed / PRO free update, Free download link

The maps are suitable for the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Vatican City Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,  San Marino, Serbia and Slovakia.


I`m sorry, the link is dead. 

I can`t find these files anywhere else.

Download Becker Traffic assist HighSpeed / Pro maps


Password: bRAd

These are the only Becker maps, i recommend you to install iGO to your device because they update their devices more often, and you do now have anything to lose if you have the original DVD/CD that came with your device.

You can find suitable tutorials about how to do this on our website.

Navigon North America apk cracked 5.1.0 download

Navigon North america apk is the best app to use with Android because it have a lot of features that other apps does not have, like Reality scanner, Google street view (These two features requires a data connection and are only available in important areas.) Performant navigation for walking, Active lane assistant for highways and other important roads and many others.

With Navigon you will make your Android device better than any GPS device you find on the market simply because you have the reality scanner witch it makes you a lot more easier to find your ways.

Download Navigon North America apk cracked v5.1.0


Navigon North America apk cracked download v5.1.0