iGO Truck Navigation Android apk app

This is the iGO Primo Android app designed for Truck Drivers. If you are not a truck driver use THIS APP

Drive with confidence with the most complete navigation solution: IGO. This is the nng gift edtition, the only iGO Navigation reeased by Nextgen for Truck Drivers.


iGO Truck Navigation Android apk app

The iGO gift apk cracked on Samsung Galaxy Tab S






You can install world map, you can install costum skins, voices, and customize the app in any way you want 😉 The app looks the same as the Windows CE app.

You can download latest iGO WORLD maps From here (Truck POI included)

The .apk is cracked by gpspower.

Download iGO Truck cracked android apk

mirror link

Install Instructions

iGO Navigation Android apk, working, All Resolutions

iGO Primo nng Download maps for world free torrent

Waring: This is the simplest way to get iGO working on your phone. You need to follow the instructions in order to make it work. This is iGO 2018 Android apk cracked, it works on All screen sizes, and all Android versions.

  1. Download the Zip Archive (from the bottom of this post).
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Move the iGO folder inside the archive to the Root of your Android device
  4. Install “iGO World all Screen sizes.apk” Note: you need to tap “Install apps from unknown sources – see the video”

Voila! The app should be working at this moment 😉

Now let`s add the maps.

This is where you should copy the maps:

.fbl > Actual Maps > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fda > Driver Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fjv > Junction view > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fpa > Proximity Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.fsp > Speed profiles > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.ftr > Truck Info > iGO/Content/Map/ 
.hnr > Defined Routes > iGO/Content/Map/
.poi > Points of Interest > iGO/Contents/poi/
.3dc > 3D Buildings > iGO/Content/Building/
.3dl > 3D Landmarks > iGO/Content/Building/
.dem > Map Terrain > iGO/Content/Dem/
.hsp > History Speed > iGO/Content/Histspeed/
.ph  > Regional Voice Corrections > iGO/Content/Phoneme/
.txt > Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.spc > same as Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.kml > Custom Points of Interest > iGO/Content/userdata/poi/

You can download the maps for the countries you want by using the Search option from this website (Menu->Search) or by using iGO World Maps 2018 torrent



Download iGO Navigation Android .apk




iGO Australia and Oceania maps 2018 update

iGO released new maps for the most beautifull country in the world! iGO Australia and Oceania maps update is here (updated in Ocomber 2018)

Do you feel ready for adventure? Visit the most beautifull country in the world! But do not get lost and eaten by the wild life. iGO will help you find your way back, as long as you have electricity.

Download iGO Australia and Oceania 2018 maps update

Download only Australia and Oceania maps – SLOW Torrent

iGO 2018 Australia and Oceania maps

iGO Asia map 2018 download link/torrent

Download iGO Asia map 2018

The biggest continent on earth maps is here: iGO Asia map updated in 2018. You can free download them and update your device for FREE by following the septs shown in our tutorial (link bellow this post.)

These are the latest maps released for iGO in 2018 by HERE/Navteq/TomTom. You can choose the provider your want 😉

Download iGO Asia map 2018 torrent

NOTE! This is world-wide iGO maps torrent, there are no seeders for Asia torrent. If you want to try your luck HERE is only Asia torrent.



Download iGO Asia map 2018

iGO South America maps 2018 download

iGO South America maps 2018

The latest update for iGO South America 2018 maps are here and they are available to download for FREE! 😀

the update has 2.44 GB in size, but you can select wich country you download in case you are using just a 1GB SD card. The update contains MAP, POIs 3D Buildings (main cities) truck routes and POIs for the following countries: Brazil, Columbia, Argenina, Venesuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and SuryName.

NOTE! We got reports and the USA maps Torrent is SLOW. We provide you a faster torrent cotaining iGO WORLD map istead, you need to manually select wich country you want to download

Download iGO South America maps 2018 torrent


iGO South America maps 2018

iGO Canada 2018 maps download

download free igo canada maps

Lots of roads in Canada drives you to… nowere. Make sure you do not get lost, iGO Canada 2018 maps are available to download 😉

The maps contains all the files you need for both car drivers and truck drivers (including truck routes and truck POI`s)

Download iGO Canada 2018 maps


– This torrent contains the world maps, you will have to manually deselect other maps in order to dowload only Canada maps. This torrent is much faster than the torrent that has only Canada maps.

Download iGO Canada 2018 maps .torrent SLOW SPEED

download free igo canada maps
iGO 2018 Canada maps

iGO USA 2018 maps Download

iGO USA 2018 maps download free torrent

iGO USA 2018 maps download free torrentiGO USA 2018 maps are here! Canada maps are included, you can choose if you want to download Canada or not when you add the torrent.

Drive safely and economicaly trough the United States of America with the latest maps released by HERE, and TomTom for the United States of America!

The torrent has everything you need: MAPs, 3D buildings, POIs, Truck POI fast routes etc.

iGO USA 2018 maps download torrent


NOTE! You will have to deselect the other countries from the torrent, this torrent has world-wide maps. We DID provide you the torrent that has only the US maps but the torrent speed is way to low, as reported from users, so we recommend to use the word-wide torrent instead.

slow speed torrent that has only North America maps – 5.8GB

Drive safe!

iGO Africa 2018 maps download Torrent

Feeling ready for some adventure? Why not visit the wild continent of Africa? iGO africa 2018 maps downoad torrent is here!

The torrent contains the latest maps released by HERE for iGO GPS devices that run igo 8.3 and newer.

all the files that you need are here: POI, truck POI, 3D buildings, truck routes, fast routes, maps and speedcams.

as soon as new maps are released we will update this post.


Download  iGO Africa 2018 maps Torrent


if clicking on the link does not open your torrent app READ THIS.

iGO 2018 Middle East maps download torrent

iGO middle east maps torrent download
Map of Middle East Asia – illustration

The latest maps released by iGO for the middle East are here: iGO 2018 Middle east maps torrent!

Make sure you don`t get lost and get captured by extremists following the instructions given by your trustworthyiGO GPS system 😉

The maps are covering 80% of the roads in middle east,  and all the major cities.

The se are the latest maps released by HERE for the middle east.

We can provide you maps released by TomTom and navteq but there is no point because this is the most complete map pack.

Download iGO 2018 Middle East maps torrent

If you do not know how to download a torrent READ THIS


iGO 2018 Australia map Download

iGO 2018 Australia map DownloadHERE released new maps for Australia in the second quarter of 2018

Want to drive trough the most beautiful country in the world?

Want to see the legendary views and WildLife?

Do not forget to upload updated maps on your iGO GPS device so you don`t get lost in the wild forests and get eaten by wild animals :))

Download iGO 2018 Australia map

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3