Android – iGO Primo 2016 All Resolutions

From Here you can download iGO Primo 2016 for all devices resolutions

Android - iGO Primo 2016 All Resolutions

In order to make iGO Primo work on your device, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Find out what screen resolution your phone has, you can use for this. You cans also see your phone`s Model Number, ex SCH-I595, you will need this later 😉
  2. Download iGO all resolutions pack from here: Partage-Files (Password:, THE LINK IS SAFE )
  3. Copy the iGO folder to the root of your device (on device, not SD card) use ES File Manager to make the job faster 🙂
  4. Open the folder config>devices, choose your device model name and rename the file as system.ini
  5. Install the 2016 iGO primo apk: iGO Primo 2016 All Resolutions  Mirror Link
  6. Add MAPS, POI`s and whatever you want.

You are Good to GO! 😉