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How Does GPS Work?

At 20 000 km in the air there are 30 American satellites that are orbiting the Earth with aprox 14 000km/h ( the orbit period is aprox 12 hours ). The system was initially developed by the US military but now anyone with a GPSreceiver can use them to get their location info… Read More

How to download Google Maps for offline use

Yes you can use Google maps even if you do not have an internet connection.

But, first of all you should know that there are some limitations on google maps like the fact that you cannot download large areas, only the areas that has maximum 1.5 GB… Read More

Best GPS alternative: GLONASS Russian GPS System

Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) is a Aerospace Defense Force-operated satellite-based navigation system used By Russia

GLONASS was first used in 1970 but by then the main objective was to track weather position, and measure velocity or timing. I was by then available for free for the entire world… Read More

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