iGO maps 2014 Full Europe – Download and install tips

2015 Maps available! Download link below

Download iGO maps 2014 Full Europe – These are the latest maps downloaded on February 2014 from naviextras.com (The official website that provides maps for igo) The maps were released on Q2 2013 (second quarter of 2013).

The pack contains all the maps for countries from Europe.

To update maps you just have to connect your device to PC via usb cable/bluetooth/wifi, navigate to igo folder and upload the filed in the right folders.

iGO maps 2014 Full Europe - Download and install tips

The igo maps 2014 Full Europe Archive is spplitted in so many parts because Zippyshare only allows to upload max 200 mb files, but it has the highest free download speeds.

2015 Mirror links:

Download iGO HERE 2015 MapsTorrent!

Download iGO maps 2014 from Microsoft Ondrive 🙂


Where to copy and How to use these files?


FBL (the main map files) upload in \content\map\

FDA (Driver Alerts) upload in \content\map\

FPA (Proximity alerts) upload in \content\map\

FSP (Speed alerts) upload in \content\hitspeed\

FTR (Truck Routing)  upload in \content\map

HNR (Helps to calculate routes faster) upload in \content\map\

PHONEME (Files used for Text-To-Speech) \content\userdata\poi\

POI (Points of interest) content\userdata\poi\

POI Extended content\userdata\poi\

POI truck extended content\userdata\poi\

3D Buildings content\buildings