Garmin Europe 2015.20 maps download – City Navigator

Download the latest Garmin Europe 2015 maps.

The most used offline Navigation System, Garmin released a brand new set of maps for their users. The maps contain the following:

  • Point of interest over 6 700 000, you can find Restaurants, parking lots, main companies, gas stations touristic attractions and a lot more other poi`s;
  • Roads, from small access roads to biggest highways, with lane assistant, the maps have a total of over 10 800 000 kilometers of roads;
  • Lane assistant so you won`t miss any exit/entrace;
  • 3D buildings for Big cities.

How to update:

For all devices: connect your GPS to your windows computer/laptop, YOU ONLY DOWNLOAD IMG UNLOCKED FROM HERE.

For newer devices, Turn on Show hidden folders and files in windows explorer.

open your Garmin device in Windows explorer and search for files named gmapsupp.img  or gmapprom.img.

You can find them in the ROOT folder or in X\Map, or X\Garmin.

X = Your Garmin device.

How to install GArmin europe 2015 map

Here you probably find more files, replace old maps with newer ones only if you do not have enough space for the newer ones!

If you do not have space rename the downloaded map to gmapprom1.img.

Note that you can have maps both on your SD card and on your device in the same time.


Download Garmin Europe 2015 Maps



Map Source data UNLOCKED:

Part 1;  Part 2;  Part 3;  Part 4;  Part 5; Part 6.



Part 1;  Part 2;  Part 3;  Part 4;  Part 5.

3D files (Buildings, etc):

Download 3D 

JCV Full Screen – D3084140A.JCV:

 JCV for 480 X 270

JCV – Lane assistant:

Lane Assistant for 480 X 270 part 1;

Lane Assistant for 480 X 270 part 2;


Download SQLite;

Download G2S.

Download ASR Files:

Part 1    Part 2.

Garmin map Europe Coverage

Garmin Europe 2015 maps download for free unlocked - City Navigator [2015.20]


Excepting Republic of Moldova, the Garmin Europe 2015 maps coverage is pretty good.